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the St. George’s Historical Society – Visit the Mitchell House Museum

Mitchell House – Museum (Grounds)

The house was built in 1730 by the wealthy St. George’s merchant, Major Walter Mitchell, for his nephew William. There have been many different residents and owners of this property but the most well-known owners were a successful black Bermudian couple in the 19th century. The couple ran a restaurant in the town of St. George’s called The Gun Tavern, which was very  popular with sailors and soldiers.

The Museum

In 1922 the St.George’s Historical Society acquired the house and it now stands as a museum. In the house you will find a pristinely preserved colonial-era kitchen with various cooking implements that would have been commonly found in an 18th century home. Among them are examples of traditional Bermudian utensils used by the early settlers like palmetto baskets and calabash dipping gourds. It also houses a replica printing press.

Times Past Shop

Visit the shop to view handcrafted items including banana leaf dolls and palmetto leaf baskets.

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